Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – Avoiding Scams

Does the firm use any social media to provide advice or deliver services?

(For example: WhatsApp, Facebook, X, LinkedIn, etc.)

No. While Motley Fool Wealth Management (“Fool Wealth”) does market and advertise itself on social media, we do not communicate on any social media app or platform for business purposes, and you should consider any direct or group communication received from us to be fraudulent.

Fool Wealth does not provide investment advice or stock recommendations through social media or messaging platforms. Should you be invited to join or participate in a channel or community purportedly operated by Fool Wealth that claims to be providing stock recommendations or investment advice, we encourage you to cease all communications on the channel and report it to the platform for further action. In addition, our employees and personnel will not use personal email addresses to conduct business.

We only use official firm channels like emails from addresses with extensions and phone calls with one of our client experience specialists or wealth advisors to communicate with our clients. Please use care and scrutinize all purported communications from Fool Wealth.

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