Frequently Asked Questions – Account Management

How Do You Make Decisions About What To Buy And Sell In My Account?

Motley Fool Wealth Management has enlisted a team of experienced and Foolishly trained asset managers - most of whom you've likely grown to know if you're a long-time Motley Fool member.

They'll be using their decades of combined investing expertise to manage the various model portfolios that will make up your Personal Portfolio.

Each Strategy has set Portfolio Managers who determine what stocks/positions are included in that strategy as well as the weightings of those positions. These are their highest conviction ideas in their given strategy, and they are listening to company conference calls, reading quarterly reports and staying on top of new developments within the business's day in and day out. When the rationale for buying a company no longer exists, the portfolio manager has full discretion to sell that position and look for an alternative (if they do not already have one in mind from their “watch list”) that presents a better opportunity to appreciate in value.

So, the brainpower behind the process is 100% human.

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