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Frequently Asked Questions – Opening and Funding a Personal Portfolio

What Is The Interactive Brokers Secure Login Device?

The Secure Login Device provides an extra layer of security to your Interactive Brokers account through the use of a free physical security device, a credit card-type of device that provides randomly generated security codes used for two-factor authentication.

For clients who want an alternative to the security device, you can now use the IB Key app. It has all the benefits of added security without the inconvenience of a separate device. You can download the IB Key app to your iPhone or Android by selecting IB Key from the app store. To learn more about using the app, click here.

Although it requires an extra step when logging into your account, using two-factor authentication along with your username and password goes a long way toward protecting your account. When you open your account, you will receive a temporary, printable page of codes for this purpose. After your account has been approved, Interactive Brokers will mail you the permanent device, or you can download the app.

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