Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – General Information

What Is The Minimum?

We are proud to offer stock ownership and professional management all the way down to $6,000 - that’s less than one year’s IRA contribution!

There are different minimums for different levels of service:

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Account minimums generally start at $6,000, but can be much higher (e.g., $300,000) based on account allocation, holdings and strategies (e.g., use of options and shorts). Clients investing $300,000 or more in our Personal Portfolio program may elect to speak with a MFWM Wealth Advisor (at no additional cost), who will provide financial review and counseling services in connection with their Personal Portfolio. As the amount to invest increases, the portfolio that we recommend for you might change.

Clients that have a managed account relationship of $1 million or more are offered complimentary financial planning with a direct point of contact on our experienced financial planning team.

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