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Death and How to Plan for the Inevitable

By Megan Brinsfield, CFA, CFP


  • It's all about those documents!
    • Will, medical directive, POA
    • Beneficiary review and asset titling to reduce probate burden
    • And don't forget about online accounts like Facebook and Gmail – many providers are putting "trusted contact" provisions in place
  • Talk about final plans
    • Burial, cremation, or donation – oh my!
    • Programs to pre-plan and pre-pay your funeral
  • If you haven't hired a financial advisor already, consider doing so


  • Look into what benefits you have through your workplace such as bereavement leave, FMLA, and remote or part-time work arrangements
  • Take a moment to think through the hypotheticals of what you would need to do if a loved one was seriously ill in terms of relocating.
  • Set aside time for the emotional part by considering a therapist, grief support group and/or reading and journaling. Caregiving can be emotionally draining.
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