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Confidently invest your money in a diversified portfolio that’s precisely customized for you

If you’re familiar with The Motley Fool brand, you’ll probably know our mission is to help hardworking investors like you reach your personal financial goals on your own terms.

For many of the investors who discover The Motley Fool, that means using newsletter services which are offered by our publishing affiliate and provide regular investing insights to its subscribers.

However, over the years, it became clear that a growing number of investors wanted and needed a more comprehensive, hands-on investing solution – one that allowed any investor to build a fully diversified investment portfolio tailored to his or her specific goals.

Unfortunately, The Motley Fool, LLC, is a publishing company and cannot offer individualized investment advice.

That’s why – after years of planning and development – Motley Fool Wealth Management, LLC, a sister company of The Motley Fool, was launched!

Motley Fool Wealth Management makes stock market investing easier, more personalized, and less time-consuming than you ever thought possible!

As an SEC registered investment adviser, not only can the Motley Fool Wealth Management team give you one-on-one investment advice based on your personal financial situation, goals, and risk tolerance, we can also manage a portion – or all – of your investment portfolio for you!

This makes it possible for you to benefit from the Foolish investment approaches, philosophies, and research* without having to deal with all the tedious, time-consuming tasks, hassles, and headaches that generally go along with building and managing your own portfolio.

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all investing forever – and hello to Fool Wealth Personal Portfolios

As you’ll discover by reading the details below, we tailor every single Personal Portfolio to be a well-balanced, diversified portfolio that fits your unique financial situation.

Whether you’re an investor who’s looking to aggressively build wealth by owning exciting growth companies… or whether you prefer to take a more conservative stance in the market by investing in fixed income and potentially safer dividend stocks, we can build and manage a Fool Wealth Personal Portfolio that’s precisely customized for you.

And it all starts with using a precise blend of eight investment strategies that range from investing in high-growth stocks, international stocks, small-cap stocks, dividend stocks, and more!

So, for instance, if you are on the younger end of the spectrum – or you’re comfortable taking on a little more risk – we might recommend allocating a larger portion of your portfolio to the more growth-focused investments like small-caps or international stocks…

Whereas if you are nearing – or already in – retirement, we might suggest balancing the growth in your portfolio with less volatile, cash-generating investments, like fixed income or dividend-paying stocks.

To get a sense of what your very own Fool Wealth Personal Portfolio might look like, just have a look at these three hypothetical portfolios that the Motley Fool Wealth Management team designed for three types of investors with very different circumstances and goals…

Sample portfolio allocations

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Personal Portfolio our team will build and manage on your behalf is completely dynamic – meaning it can and will evolve over time as your financial situation does.

You see, our auto-rebalancing feature allows us to apply our most up-to-date thinking about the right asset allocation for you, rather than simply returning to the old static allocation like many advisers do when rebalancing!

This exciting feature allows you to receive updated allocations automatically, within the constraints of your current risk tolerance or objective, which will ensure you’ll always benefit from our latest thinking.

Of course, you also always have the option to let our team know anytime there is a material change to your personal financial situation, and we can change your precise blend of Foolish investment strategies accordingly.

Which brings us to another important aspect of Fool Wealth Personal Portfolios…

With a Fool Wealth Personal Portfolio, you own and have full transparency into your account (including all the trades we make to the fees we charged) while never having to worry about which stocks to buy or sell!

Here at Motley Fool Wealth Management, we understand how important your money is to you. You’ve worked hard for what you’ve saved, and you deserve the respect that comes along with that.

That’s why we wanted to design Fool Wealth Personal Portfolios so you own the account – while still receiving the hands-on, personalized guidance you need. Using what the investment industry calls a Separately Managed Account, we’ve been able to accomplish just that.

But in case you’re not familiar with the term, a Separately Managed Account is simply a private portfolio that is actively managed by a professional investment firm.

In other words, it’s just a regular old brokerage account that you own but that someone else manages for you (in this case, our team at Motley Fool Wealth Management) so you don’t have to worry about all the “heavy lifting”… including all the buying, selling, and rebalancing.

Now, that may sound a little bit like a mutual fund at first, but there’s a major difference…

Unlike with a mutual fund or ETF, securities in your Fool Wealth Personal Portfolio will be bought and sold on your behalf – whereas a mutual fund can be forced to sell securities in order to raise cash for client redemptions (which results in your having to pay capital gains taxes). Your Personal Portfolio will truly be separately managed…

Meaning the Motley Fool Wealth Management team will sell positions only when they believe it makes sense – and thus, you won’t have to pay any taxes that aren’t directly related to the investments YOU own.

What’s more, if there are any securities you can’t own – for either personal or professional reasons – you can easily “restrict” them. Once the restriction is in place (which can take up to four business days), we won’t trade those securities.

All of this is possible because your Fool Wealth Personal Portfolio is always managed with complete transparency.

You’ll have 24/7 access to your customized Personal Portfolio dashboard – showing you stocks recently bought, when we bought them, and why you own them!

While many investment management firms only send you monthly statements on your account, we’ve gone a step further for our clients by offering every Fool Wealth client full access to a simple – but comprehensive – investment dashboard.

As a Fool Wealth client, you’ll have the option of logging in to your dashboard anytime, day or night, from the comfort of your home or office to see exactly which securities you own… what trades the Motley Fool Wealth Management team has made on your behalf… and how your portfolio is performing. Here is an example of what you will see, based on a hypothetical trade.


Imagine never having to worry about identifying a good entry point for a new stock position – or worse, attempting to pinpoint when to sell a stock you’ve been wanting to dump!

With a Fool Wealth Personal Portfolio, you’ll never waste time researching new stocks – our team of portfolio managers will make all the buy and sell decisions for you. What’s more, we’ve gone to great lengths to make sure you always know our rationale for buying or selling a stock in your portfolio.

And you can feel confident we stand by every stock we buy on behalf of clients, because, again…

Every stock in your Personal Portfolio has been researched, scrutinized, and handpicked by a Fool Wealth portfolio manager

Every single professional who selects the investments behind Fool Wealth Personal Portfolios came up through the ranks of The Motley Fool’s publishing business before moving on to work on this hands-on investment solution for Motley Fool Wealth Management…

And these longtime Fools bring their own unique perspectives and background to our Fool Wealth Personal Portfolios

Photo of Nick Crow

Nick Crow, CFA

Nick spent the past 16 years in financial services, with five as a senior analyst in both Motley Fool PRO and Options before moving on to architect the customization of Personal Portfolios for member accounts and to serve as president of Motley Fool Wealth Management.

Photo of Bryan Hinmon

Bryan Hinmon, CFA

Bryan has more than a decade of investing experience, specializing in absolute-return, long/short, and options-focused portfolio management. In fact, Bryan was a senior analyst in both Motley Fool PRO and Options for nearly five years before moving on to serve as the portfolio manager for the Hedged Equity and Dividend strategies.

Photo of David Meier

David Meier

David spent a combined 10 years working as an analyst on services including Motley Fool Rule Breakers, Million Dollar Portfolio, and Supernova before becoming a portfolio manager for the Large Cap Core and Large Cap Aggressive Growth strategies.

Photo of Bill Barker

Bill Barker, CFA

Bill is a long-tenured Fool and value-stock specialist who, before making the move to Motley Fool Wealth Management, lent his expertise to Motley Fool Stock Advisor as well as Motley Fool Hidden Gems. Bill, who now serves as the portfolio manager of our Fixed Income and U.S. Small & Mid Cap Strategies.

The list goes on and on, but the point is that should you choose to become a Motley Fool Wealth Management client today, you can rest assured that the team managing your money will be making use of many of the Foolish investment approaches and philosophies that The Motley Fool is known for.

And with over $1.7 billion of assets* already under management, we’re proud of the investment solution that we’ve created.

And now that you know who will be managing your money on your behalf, it’s about time we got into what you need to do to get started today…

You can set up your very own Fool Wealth Personal Portfolio in less time than it takes many people to commute to work

As we’ve tried to make it clear up to this point, we consider Fool Wealth Personal Portfolios very, well… personal!

And because we want to ensure we’re providing every client who joins us with the highest level of personalized service we possibly can, we’ve gone to great lengths to build an in-house team of financial planners to help you get started quickly and easily.

In fact, directly at the bottom of this page, you’ll have the opportunity to schedule your one-on-one “onboarding” phone call with one of our highly experienced planners, where you’ll work together to get your Fool Wealth Personal Portfolio up and running with a minimum amount of time and effort required on your part.

Appointment scheduler

This “onboarding” conversation is when you’ll tell us which of your accounts you’d like to have managed and then get to see the personalized Foolish portfolios we have custom-built for each one of them.

Currently, Motley Fool Wealth Management can manage both single and joint versions of taxable brokerage accounts and trusts, as well as…

(However, please note that because it will make use of shorts and options strategies, the Hedged Equity Strategy cannot be used for any IRA.)

Once one of our financial planners understands your account type, investing preference, and overall goal, we can begin building a complex risk tolerance profile for you so that we can do our best to allocate your portfolio in a way that will allow you to breathe easy during the day and sleep soundly at night.

These highly trained financial planners serve as your personal “concierge” of sorts by helping walk you step-by-step through the entire setup process and talking you through everything from the most tax-efficient way to fund your Personal Portfolio to why your specific blend of investment strategies makes sense given your risk tolerance.

Of course, building this in-house fleet of financial planners was no easy (or inexpensive) feat.

But here at Motley Fool Wealth Management, we were dead-set on creating a comprehensive portfolio solution. That’s why we’re proud to say…

You can schedule your conversation with one of these financial planners today with just a few clicks of your mouse

As we’ve explained, on the bottom of this page, you can schedule your one-on-one portfolio conversation over the phone with one of our financial planners.

During your conversation, one of our planners will learn about your investing goals, and perform an allocation review and suitability analysis. If they believe that our Personal Portfolios are a good fit, they’ll explain our eight investment strategies, and ascertain vital information regarding your risk tolerance and personal preferences.

After you’ve completed your call with your dedicated financial planner, you’ll have the chance to review the specific Personal Portfolio we’ve built precisely for you. If you’re happy with the portfolio we’ve designed for you, our team of planners will also assist you in funding your account.

If you’re familiar with the typical AUM fee structure that financial advisers and wealth managers charge, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what we offer at Motley Fool Wealth Management.

The standard AUM fee for Fool Wealth Personal Portfolios is just 0.95%. And it goes as low as 0.75% as your portfolio grows or as we manage more of your assets.

Client’s Aggregate Assets Annual Fee
First $1,000,000 0.95% of aggregate assets
Amounts over $1,000,000 0.75% of aggregate assets

You see, because you pay a percentage of the assets we manage on your behalf, our incentives are aligned with yours – you want your assets to grow, and our team gets compensated when they achieve growth on your behalf. Conversely, we get paid less when your assets are experiencing less growth.

Although this asset-based fee is the ONLY fee that Motley Fool Wealth Management will charge you, there are fees associated with our investments in ETFs. For example, some Personal Portfolios with a moderate risk rating may have underlying ETF fees ranging from 0.10 to 0.15% of assets under management, and client accounts with greater allocations to our Fixed Income, International and Hedged Equity Strategies may have higher ETF-related fees.

So, while we’re a stock shop here at Motley Fool Wealth Management and invest mostly in individual companies, we believe that ETFs are an efficient, low-cost way to express an investing thesis or get exposure to certain asset classes. Unlike other advisers, we don’t invest in traditional mutual funds that charge higher fees (perhaps significantly higher fees), or mutual funds managed by our sister company. In other words, we don’t receive ANY of the underlying ETF fees you may pay.

But please remember, just because amounts over $1 million receive a discounted fee, you do not need to be a multimillionaire to realize the full benefits of becoming a Motley Fool Wealth Management client.

The truth is: Motley Fool Wealth Management works whether you’ve got $500,000… $5 million... or beyond!

While we do cater to high net worth investors, our solutions are available to any client who has $500,000 or more in assets ready to invest.

We're here to help individual investors position themselves to achieve their financial goals.

Whether that's paying for your children or grandchildren's college education, buying a retirement dream home, traveling and living out your "bucket list", or supporting the organizations and causes you hold dear.

Our Personal Portfolios investment solution is customized to your unique financial situation and goals. And it is powered by our highly trained portfolio management team with over 50 years of collective investing experience through up, down, and sideways markets.

So, before you scroll to the bottom of this page, allow us to explain the final few things you need to know prior to jumping in. Also, you should carefully read our Brochure and Investment Advisory Agreement, which contain a description of our fees and expenses, the risks associated with each of our investment strategies, conflicts of interests and other important information.

Once you've had a chance to review these documents and decided that you are happy with the Personal Portfolio we've designed for you and want to proceed, your financial planner will assist you in opening your account with Interactive Brokers.

Motley Fool Wealth Management is proud to use top-ranked Interactive Brokers as the exclusive broker and custodian for Personal Portfolios

You should know that, because safety and security are of the utmost importance here at Motley Fool Wealth Management, we have chosen to work exclusively with one of the top ranked brokerages.

The choice to select Interactive Brokers was a relatively easy one because of their:

Plus, Barron’s recently named Interactive Brokers as one of the top discount online brokerages in the world…

This brings us to another very important point… While you will be giving Motley Fool Wealth Management permission to make trades on your behalf, all of your money and investments will actually be held by Interactive Brokers – and the only person who will ever be able to touch the money in your account will be YOU.**

Granted, this does mean that if the account you want to have managed is held at a different brokerage – like Schwab, Fidelity, or TD Ameritrade – you will have to transfer your account over to Interactive Brokers in order to have the Fool Wealth team manage it for you…

While we realize this may sound a bit daunting, you can rest assured that the Fool Wealth team will provide you with all the necessary paperwork and absolutely everything else you need to make this transition as smooth and efficient as possible.

And again, our friendly in-house financial planners will be more than happy to serve as your personal “concierge” should you get hung up at any point or need any kind of assistance whatsoever.

Once your Personal Portfolio is open and fully funded, the Motley Fool Wealth Management will begin managing your portfolio precisely as you wanted…

In accordance with the investment plan you agreed upon with our team of financial planners, the Fool Wealth team will typically begin buying and selling on your behalf within two business days of your fully funding your account…

Best of all, you can rest assured we won’t be motivated to make a single trade more than we absolutely have to…

So, for instance, if you already own 100 shares of Apple – but your Personal Portfolio allocation dictates you should hold only 50 – the Fool Wealth team will simply sell 50 shares on your behalf rather than liquidating all of your positions and then rebuying Apple. (In other words, we’ll make only one trade instead of two.)

Although we make every effort to minimize transactions costs in your account and avoid unnecessary trading, unless you solely invest cash, putting your account under our management will likely involve some initial transaction costs and tax consequences, as we buy and sell stocks to bring your portfolio in line with our advice.

These costs depend upon your personal situation (such as your existing portfolio composition and the amount that you will fund with us), and we recommend that you consult with your tax adviser if you have any questions.

These are simply the lengths our Fool Wealth team is willing to go in order to provide you with a time-saving, stress-reducing portfolio management solution that you are completely comfortable with.

Now, before you schedule your introductory call, allow us to quickly summarize everything we’ve discussed…

Here’s everything you’ll gain access to when you become a Fool Wealth client

Once you schedule your conversation at the bottom of this page, you will be entitled to:

We’ve gone to great lengths to make Motley Fool Wealth Management a comprehensive, hands-on investment experience. We hope you’ll take the next step by signing up today and scheduling your one-on-one conversation with one of our planners – as soon as tomorrow, we might add!

So please, don’t delay… Simply click the button below and chat with our Financial Planners!

Click Here to Speak with a Financial Planner

Access to Motley Fool Wealth Management (“MFWM”) is only available to MFWM clients pursuant to an Investment Advisory Agreement and accepting delivery of MFWM's Form ADV, Parts 2A and 2B, which are available at You are encouraged to read these documents carefully. MFWM is an SEC registered investment adviser with a fiduciary duty that requires it to act in the best interests of clients and to place the interests of clients before its own. HOWEVER, REGISTRATION AS AN INVESTMENT ADVISOR DOES NOT IMPLY ANY LEVEL OF SKILL OR TRAINING. All investments involve risk and may lose money. MFWM does not guarantee the results of any of its advice or account management. Clients should be aware that their individual account results may not exactly match the performance of the Model Portfolios.

Each Personal Portfolio is subject to an account minimum, which varies based on the strategies included in the portfolio. MFWM retains the right to revise or modify portfolios and strategies if it believes such modifications would be in the best interests of its clients, and we may modify allocations within a client’s account subject to the constraints of each client’s current risk score and objective.

Before you commit to investing with MFWM, please understand that putting your account under our management may involve initial transaction costs and tax consequences, as we buy and sell stocks to bring your portfolio in line with our advice. These costs depend upon your personal situation (such as your existing portfolio composition and the amount that you will fund with us), and we recommend that you consult with your tax adviser if you have any questions.

During discussions with our Financial Planners, they may provide advice with respect to 401(k) rollovers into accounts that are managed by MFWM. Such recommendations pose potential conflicts of interest in that rolling retirement savings into a MFWM managed account will generate ongoing asset-based fees for MFWM that it would not otherwise receive.

MFWM, an affiliate of The Motley Fool (“TMF”), is a separate entity that is registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and all investment decisions for client portfolios are made independently by the asset managers at MFWM. Several of the Model Portfolios share the same investment philosophies as certain real money portfolio services published by TMF. However, MFWM does not attempt to track these (or any) TMF services and, as such, client account may diverge completely from TMF’s services. MFWM performs its own research by obtaining information from a wide variety of sources, including research prepared and distributed by TMF. TMF’s research does not represent the sole basis of MFWM’s advice, and all investment decisions for your account are made independently by the portfolio managers at MFWM. Neither of TMF’s co-founders, Tom and David Gardner, nor any other TMF analyst is involved in the investment decision-making or daily operations of MFWM.

* As of November 30, 2019, MFWM had $1,706,168,468.45 under management.

** In the event that IB account documentation purports to give MFWM broad authorization to transfer funds or securities out of your account, these authorizations are broader than those in our Investment Advisory Agreement, and MFWM’s authority to transfer funds or securities is specifically limited to the authority set forth in the Investment Advisory Agreement regardless of broader authorization in IB’s documentation.