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What is the purpose of the U.S. Small & Mid-Cap SMA strategy?


Wealth Management's U.S. Small & Mid-Cap strategy is part of our blended portfolios. We'll look at the Everlasting, Supernova, or MDP portion of your portfolio and layer what we believe is the right amount to offer the maximum diversification benefits, which we believe will help you achieve your financial goals.

What is the U.S. Small & Mid-Cap SMA strategy?


At The Motley Fool, we've had the opportunity to explore a lot of different investing styles. I've done everything from growth with David on Rule Breakers to some of the value investing services. And what I found [is] that what works for me is just picking high-quality companies, following the Motley Fool philosophy of long-term buy and hold, and that's the philosophy that is in place for the Small & Mid-Cap SMA.

Why did the Fool Wealth team decide to include U.S. Small & Mid-Cap as one of its seven signature SMA strategies?


Unless it IPO'd at that price, every large-cap company that started as a small- or mid-cap company had to grow into that price. Therefore, small- and mid-cap companies have an important role in an investor's portfolio, especially those that are trying to achieve growth and have long-term time horizons.


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