MDP Strategy – Video Transcript

What is Motley Fool Million Dollar Portfolio?


Million Dollar Portfolio was launched in 2007 with a very simple yet very strong premise, which is buying the best, best stocks in the Motley Fool universe. And so we have five newsletters here at The Motley Fool (Stock Advisor, Rule Breakers, Inside Value, Income Investor, Hidden Gems) with great teams, great advisors picking stocks every month and we're in Million Dollar Portfolio trying to pick the best of the best of those stocks to put into a real-money portfolio.

Why did the Fool Wealth team decide to include Million Dollar Portfolio as one of the seven signature SMA strategies?


At Motley Fool Wealth Management, we're excited by the Million Dollar Portfolio strategy, because it's our most balanced strategy. And by that I mean it's balanced across industries as well as different investing styles. And because of that, we think this is the right investment for many of our clients.


Like the MDP portfolio, we believe in investing in great companies, but what my team and I are trying to do with the MDP SMA is we're trying to bring even more balance to that portfolio by making sure that there's a good mix of value-oriented stocks, growth stocks, and dividend-paying stocks.

What is the difference between Million Dollar Portfolio and Motley Fool Wealth Management's Million Dollar Portfolio SMA strategy?


The difference between Motley Fool Wealth Management's Million Dollar Portfolio strategy and the Motley Fool newsletter, Million Dollar Portfolio, is that at Motley Fool Wealth Management we do everything for you. We make all the buy and sell decisions. We research the stocks. We look at the earnings reports. We do all the trading. There's nothing for you to do once you've moved your money over.

Why should investors be excited about Motley Fool Wealth Management's SMAs?


Well, you know, at Million Dollar Portfolio, we're trying to pick the best of the best stocks from the Fool universe, but we're not managing investors' money. We can't do that. So I'm really excited that the Motley Fool Wealth Management team is creating an SMA that really kind of follows in that spirit of Million Dollar Portfolio, picking the best of the best stocks from that universe, but doing it in a way that can manage other people's money. I think that's… I think that can be potentially very powerful.


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