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Justin Rivera, CFA®, CFP®
Wealth Advisor

Throughout my career in the financial services industry, I’ve supported clients’ financial journeys as a planner, brokerage professional, and consultant. I believe that creating a comprehensive plan for your financial goals makes you much more likely to achieve them, and oftentimes, reaching those milestones could be quicker than you realize is possible. My responsibility as a Wealth Manager with Motley Fool Wealth Management is to craft those plans with quality and care.

A little bit more about Justin...

In 2014, I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Economics from University of Michigan, and after obtaining my Series 65, Series 63, and Series 7 licenses, I was able to meet the strict requirements to become a Chartered Financial Analyst® Charterholder and Certified Financial Planner® professional. 

Pursuing a career in finance was an aspiration of mine from a young age. My parents separated soon after I was born, so I lived my childhood in two very different households. Only one parent had a financial planner. The parent who didn’t have a planner was constantly worried about money, which resulted in a tense environment at times. The parent who did have a planner was never worried about money, and living in that house was a dream, comparatively. I realized later that my parents’ incomes were very similar. I saw firsthand what the power of having a well-laid out plan can do for not only the individual with a planner, but their whole family as well. I love helping people live the lives they dream of, and I get to do that every single day. 

My goal when first meeting with a client is to learn about their goals and aspirations. If I know where a client hopes to go, it’s much easier for me to help them get there. In the past, I’ve seen people make financial decisions based on a “gut feeling”  – which can be a costly mistake – so I strive to help them invest in a way that hopefully sets them up for financial freedom and a fulfilling retirement.

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Get to know Justin...


What is your favorite food?

Sushi, specifically uni nigiri (or sea urchin over rice).


What is your very first job or work experience?

During high school, I worked on direct mail marketing at an accounting firm near Detroit.


What is your favorite place in the whole world?

The Tuscany region of Italy.

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