Meet Nate

Nate Weisshaar, CFA®
Portfolio Manager

I believe that investing like a business-owner (understanding what makes a company tick; having a long-term strategy) is the best way to lay the foundation for financial freedom, while reducing the stress often associated with the daily fluctuations of the stock market. I’m proud to be able to put that philosophy to work on behalf of our clients day-in and day-out at Fool Wealth.

A little bit more about Nate...

My grandparents lived on farms during the Great Depression. They taught me that hard work is the only way to earn your place in the world. Never take anything for granted or consider any task to be ‘beneath you.’ 

My first job was as a stock boy and janitor at a local pharmacy. While studying Finance at the University of Arizona, I realized early on that money, banks, and the stock market touch all parts of the economy. Working in investing gives me the chance to continuously learn and build an understanding of the world. Getting paid to do so is the icing on the cake!

Get to know Nate...


What is your favorite place in the whole world?



What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love playing sports like soccer, basketball, broomball… just about anything except running.


What are your dream retirement goals?

I’d love to have the means to fully retire, but never fully retire.

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