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9 Savvy Tax Moves for Retirement

Taxes aren’t just a hassle and a headache – they can take a sizable bite out of your long-term wealth. The more money you earn and grow throughout your lifetime, the higher the cost, and the more complicated your tax situation may become.

So here’s the question on so many minds: How do I keep more of my hard-earned money!?

In our comprehensive guide, you’ll discover 9 savvy moves that could lower your tax bill in retirement. We lay out practical, actionable strategies you can put into practice right away and help you understand your options – so you can better prepare for retirement, live the retired life you’ve always dreamed about, and design a legacy you feel proud of.

Discover how to plan for a tax-efficient retirement and the actions you can take today to keep more of the money YOU’VE earned.

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6 Sources of Retirement Income

Running out of money is one of the top fears facing retirees today. Many worry retirement will mean watching the nest egg they’ve worked so hard to build slowly dwindle away.

In this newly-revised edition of our most popular free report, "6 Sources of Retirement Income," you’ll discover six smart strategies we believe you can begin to use today to replace your income in retirement. Even if you’re relatively confident that the amount you’ve saved will go the distance, you may still discover a few sources of income you haven't tapped into yet.

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The Midterms and Your Money

When it comes to elections and the economy, there’s no shortage of opinions. And as an investor, it can be tricky to cut through the political noise and separate fact from fiction.

In this report, we lay out three critical strategies that we believe can help you thrive and make more prudent investing decisions – no matter the outcomes of this election season.

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Funding Your Future

Funding Your Future - The Retirement Account That's Right for Your 20s, 40s, and 60s

“What type of retirement account will help me save the most money?”

This is the million dollar question—whether you’re 28, 42, or 55.

The sheer number and variety of retirement savings and investment account options can be overwhelming. In this new report, you’ll get the details on several retirement account options, how each works, and how to evaluate which ones may be right for you right now.

Plus, we’ve included an easy-reference comparison chart, helpful examples to illustrate the differences in general tax considerations, important info about contributions, and more!

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Inflation. Rising Interest Rates. Recession. 3 Scary Topics Explained

Our team of experienced professional portfolio managers and research analysts believe that three intersecting themes will dominate the headlines as they could impact the markets over the next 12-18 months: Inflation, Rising Interest Rates, and the possibility of Recession.

Explore how higher interest rates can affect stocks AND bonds, why we continue to believe it all comes down to quality companies, and how YOU can prepare for the potential impacts to your portfolio.

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Winning in Retirement

This popular report will walk you through the process of identifying what’s most important to you - a research-backed process we call The Prosperity Trifecta - AND describe some options for crafting a retirement plan around your priorities.

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8 Wealth Planning Strategies to Consider Before Year End

In this valuable planning guide, we try and help you potentially take advantage of some of the tips and strategies we recommend to our clients year after year.

You'll find topics ranging from how to potentially lower your tax burden in a higher-income year, whether or now converting your IRA to a Roth make sense for presently, to what strategies can help potentially make the most of your retirement accounts’ Required Minimum Distributions.

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Wealth Wednesdays

Straight from the financial planning front lines, our own Megan Brinsfield, CPA, CFP® joins Good Morning Washington every Wednesday to talk about topics that are top of mind for investors – especially those who are in, or preparing for retirement. From tax strategies to market volatility, and everything in between, Megan is here to help keep us cool, calm, and focused on the future.

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