Meet the Fool Wealth Team

Get to know the longtime Fools behind Fool Wealth

There are plenty of things that make what we’re offering here in Motley Fool Wealth Management truly Foolish. But perhaps none more so than this incredible fact...

Every single professional who selects the investments behind Foolish SMAs came up through the ranks of The Motley Fool's publishing business before moving on to work on this "auto-pilot" investment solution for Motley Fool Wealth Management...

What's more, the president of Motley Fool Wealth and our director of client experience are both longtime Fools themselves. So please feel free to click any of the buttons you see below to get to know each member of our Foolish family a little better.

Nick Crow, CFA

Nick Crow


Ariana Tobias

Ariana Tobias

Director of Client Experience

Bryan Hinmon, CFA

Bryan Hinmon

Portfolio Manager: Dividend, Everlasting, Pro

Bill Barker, CFA

Bill Barker

Portfolio Manager: Fixed Income, Pro, U.S. Small & Mid-Cap

Nate Weisshaar, CFA

Nate Weisshaar

Portfolio Manager: Fixed Income, International, U.S. Small & Mid-Cap Dividend

David Meier

David Meier

Portfolio Manager: Everlasting, Million Dollar Portfolio, Supernova

Charly Travers

Charly Travers

Portfolio Manager: U.S. Small & Mid-Cap, U.S. Small & Mid-Cap Dividend

Tony Arsta

Tony Arsta

Portfolio Manager: Million Dollar Portfolio, Supernova

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